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Binding Sheets

Binding On The Go.

PELEMAN's Binding Sheets allow you to create professional presentations anytime, anywhere.
1. Print your document.
2. Place one Binding Sheet on top and one under your printed pages with the self-adhesive strips of the Binding Sheets facing outward.
3. Staple your pages and the Binding Sheets together in three places (top, centre, bottom) and place the document into the spine of your preferred Hard or Soft cover.
4. Remove the self-adhesive strip from the Binding Sheet on top, close the cover and lightly press it along the spine to secure the document. Flip over the cover and repeat the last step on the back.
5. Your presentation is ready.
These Binding Sheets work perfectly with any PELEMAN Hard or Soft cover. For a perfect lay-flat result, combine it with PELEMAN's lay-flat V Paper.