UniBind thermobinding machine - advanced technology for sophisticated requirements

When you choose a UniBind thermobinding machine, you benefit from a variety of different advantages: Such a thermal binding machine is characterized, for example, by its uncomplicated handling and can be put into operation immediately. Due to the variety of the offer you can choose from different models: So you can easily find a UniBind thermobinding machine that meets your individual requirements.

The features of a UniBind thermal binding machine at a glance

With a thermobinding machine, loose sheets of paper can easily be joined together to form a single document. The operation of a thermal binding machine is based on an innovative bonding process: In the first step the glue is heated in the thermal binding machine. Subsequently, the individual sides are fixed in place with the thermo-binding machine by the liquid adhesive. The results are high-quality binding spines, book covers and folders with a professional look. With a thermobinding machine, a representative design can be achieved, which is of great importance especially in professional applications. In addition, a UniBind thermobinding machine impresses with a high degree of flexibility: as a result, you can process a wide variety of formats with a thermobinding machine. For example, projects can be implemented in narrow A5 format or large A3 landscape format. Thanks to the format selection you can produce folders and covers in different sizes with a thermal binding machine. There is also the possibility of binding in portrait or landscape (i. e. lengthwise or crosswise).

Discover the ideal UniBind thermal binding machine for your needs

When you buy a thermobinding machine, various product features serve as a guide. The most important factors include, for example, the scope of your projects: If you would like to process comprehensive analyses, balance sheets, presentations, annual reports, calculations, statistics or all other important documents into a complete document with the Thermal Binding machine, you need a device with high binding capacity. The UniBind thermobinding machine 8.2 binds up to 340 sheets at the same time and is therefore ideally suited for the realisation of extensive projects. The Unibind thermobinding machine 60 is the perfect solution for those who only want to assemble smaller documents with their thermobinding machine. With this thermobinding machine, a maximum of 60 sheets can be processed at the same time. A significant advantage of this thermobinding machine is its compact size, so that the thermobinding machine 60 can also be used without a large footprint. The 8.1 model also has an automatic crimping unit. In comparison to 8.2, however, only a maximum of 120 sheets can be bound. The 120 has a manual crimping unit, which is a cheaper alternative compared to the 8.1. In comparison, the thermobinding machine 60 is more of a starter model.

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A UniBind thermal binding machine is not only versatile, but also inspires with its intelligent technology: The crimping tool integrated in the thermal binding machine compresses the spine of the binder to the optimum thickness. If you have any questions about the crimping tools or other features of a thermobinding machine, we will be happy to assist you: You can contact us either by e-mail or by telephone to get personal advice. Discover our wide range of products now and order a functional thermobinding machine online!